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Ashes test numero quattro

I know it hasn’t actually finished yet, but Australia are 6 down (effectively 7 down, as Ryan Harris is unlikely to bat), so by the time I finish typing it may be officially over. I guess when I asked Santa for Australia to be less shit, I forgot to specify I meant for longer than one Test.

I’m bitterly disappointed, as I guess most Aussies are. I don’t mind so much that we lost the chance to reclaim the Ashes, although that hurts, as it was always going to be tough. What’s really disappointing and  frustrating, is the manner in which we capitulated. Where was the fight? The scrap? The team may not have the pure talent of Australian teams of the past, but it also lacked the pride, fight, and mongrel everyone has come to associate with Australian cricket.

I love cricket, so I’ll always support the team. It makes it really hard though, with the selection issues, the form issues, the confusion, lack of cohesion and total lack of fight. Personally,  I don’t think Ponting should be sacked as captain, mainly because I’ve always loved him, but also because there just isn’t an alternative in the team right now. If Ponting retired tomorrow, I would hope someone worthy got the nod, maybe Brad Haddin, despite him being a wicketkeeper. I honestly don’t think Michael Clarke has the nous, leadership or respect to be captain. I also have to seriously wonder what the selectors are doing. Or what they’re on. Some of their decisions, and related logic, just make no sense. Surely Steve Smith is not the best number 6 in Australia. He’s not even the best number six in the team.

Oh, I don’t know, I’m just really depressed and shit right now. I’m sure just about everyone in Australia knows what needs to happen, with the possible exception of the NSP. All I know for sure is I’m really not looking forward to handing England the Ashes again. Mainly because the unbiased, reasonable part of me know they’ve played really well, totally outplayed Australia in every facet of the game, and absolutely deserve to hold the Ashes.


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Ashes test numero tre

Before this test I was going to write a post about how we could still win the Ashes, and that we weren’t as bad as Adelaide made us seem. I got busy, and didn’t get around to it. I really wish I had of now, so I could be like “I told you so”.

There are still massive problems for Australia (hello Michael Clarke). The fact that Mitchell Johnson is as unpredictable as Melbourne weather coupled with the unpredictableness of Melbourne weather makes the Boxing Day test even more exciting than it usually is. This could be a seriously rain-delayed test, the rain in Melbourne has been persistent and hard to predict.

I follow Ian from the Baggy Green Blog on Twitter and before the Test he made a valid point about the importance of supporting the team when things aren’t going as well as we would hope. It was easy to be an Australian cricket fan during the Steve Waugh/early Ricky Ponting era. The team needs support now, more than ever. What Australians everywhere need to do now, is pray. Pray to God, Allah, Justin Bieber, or whichever deity takes your fancy. Pray for Ricky Ponting’s finger, because the one thing Australia does not need right now is Michael Clarke to be captain. Regular visitors to this blog* may suspect that I don’t really like Michael Clarke. And they would be correct. Putting aside all my personal feelings about him though, he’s just not what Australia need right now. Australia needs a leader, a tough motherfucker who will get hit in the face by a cricket ball and still smile through blood-stained lips. Michael Clarke is soft, and doesn’t perform as a batsmen when the teams needs him to step up. To ask him to grow a pair now would be catastrophic.

Pray for Ricky Ponting


Yes, there’s still selection issues. Yes, it may have just been a fluke. But the alternative is truly awful.

* may not actually exist

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