Cricket confessions

Right, so the only cricket actually happening at the moment is the IPL, although in Australia it really happens when I’m asleep. So, to satiate my need for togetherness, love and general hand-holding… Cricket confessions! The goal of cricket confessions is clearly to make myself feel better about my own depths of obsession, so please add your own confessions. Please. It’s not just me, it can’t be.

So, my first cricket confession. One summer I taped every minute of Channel 9’s cricket coverage on VHS. Every minute. I co-ordinated the change of tapes well, so I didn’t miss anything. And I actually watched them. Perhaps not all of them, but moments. I watched McGrath dismissing Brian Lara to claim scalp number 300, then complete the hat trick hundreds of times. Almost. The worse thing is I know for a fact that all the tapes are still in a plastic tub in my parent’s shed.



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8 responses to “Cricket confessions

  1. Sid

    That’s brilliant! I love watching old matches, but the only ones I see on TV here in the UK are Ashes 2005 or Ashes 2009. They have wiped everything else from their collective memories over here.

    My cricket confession was leaked last year when I started my blog – I am in love with My Good Lord Nails Muffin Hauritz. I don’t think I can get worse than that, to be honest.

    But I challenge you …

  2. Esra Star

    Hmm where to start? I like you Richie taped matches. Normally the start of the One Dayers when I was still at school. Actually there are still last years Aus vs Saffa games on my foxtel IQ.

    Then there was the time I convinced my year 12 biology teacher to let us watch cricket at lunch in his lab – I think the deal was I’d pay attention & pass his class if he let me watch cricket at lunch in air conditioned bliss. I failed biology but what are you going to do?

    The other would be that I played in the boys cricket team in primary school. I rallied on equal rights & played every match of the season even though I was horrible!

    Is the fact I willingly married Stani classed as a cricket confessional? 😛

  3. I own 4 DVD’s of the 438 ODI game. It was a mistake…I thought it had 4 discs so ordered 4…spent $200. They are all sitting at home, lined up.

    I cried when Shaun Pollock retired 😥

  4. Man, I would love a copy of the 438 game. Where did you buy it from?

    Es, yes, it is. That is true dedication to the cause…

  5. Ebay. You can get it from me too!

  6. Father, I’d just like to confess that I like football (yes it’s called football not soccer) more than cricket. I’m sorry.

    …and as for Es being dedicated….I’m the one who does all the work! She just sits around all day burping, farting and cutting out pictures of Mark Boucher, Brendon McCullum and Bradley Cooper. I mean, I’m not jealous, they’ve got nothing on me…I’m just saying.

  7. Esra Star

    Stani, you’re heading for a divorce. You forgot Michael Clarke!

  8. No, I’ve got rid of him, didn’t I tell you? Woops

    Boucher the poucher’s next.

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